Sep 24, 2009

And the 2009 Hawk Award goes to....

The baseball award season is almost upon us. And to celebrate that, I've decided to do it in a truly Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame manner.

There will be no MVP or Cy Youngs handed out here. No, these are truly unique and distinguished awards. The first annual Hawk Awards are awarded to players whose 2009 performances were reminiscence to some of The Hawk's seasons.

And the first annual Hawk Awards go to...

Zack Greinke, P, Kansas City Royals - For dominating nearly every pitching statistic in the AL this year, while playing for a bottom dweller, similar to what Andre did batting wise with the last-place Cubs in 1987

Evan Longoria, 3B, Tampa Bay Rays - For following up his Rookie of the Year honors in 2008 with an outstanding season, just as Andre did (ROY in 1977). No sophomore slump here

Raul Ibanez, OF, Philadelphia Phillies - For setting a career high in home runs after leaving Seattle, just as Andre did after leaving the Expos for the Cubs in 1987

Bobby Abreau, OF, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - For playing 2009 well under what he is worth ($5 Mil) to be with a team he is passionate about as Andre did in 1987 ($700,000)

Sam Fuld, OF, Chicago Cubs - For his outstanding catches running into outfield walls this summer, reminiscence of when Andre rammed his head into the Ivy brick wall of Wrigley to make a catch

Derrek Lee, 1B, Chicago Cubs - For proving he still got something in the tank when people were beginning to count him out, similar to Andre's difficulty getting signed in 1987 when GMs thought his best years were behind due to his knees

Pablo Sandoval, 1B, San Francisco Giants - For...having the best nickname in baseball, Kung Fu Panda, okay so that doesn't really constitute an award, but I like the guy and the nickname just as I do with Andre

And the life-time Hawk achievement award goes's a tie!

Derek Jeter, SS, New York Yankees and Randy Johnson, P, San Francisco Giants - For reaching career milestones and well on their way to becoming Hall of Famers like the Hawk will.

And that's the 2009 Hawk Awards. Sorry Milton Bradley, better luck next year!


  1. I love this post. Great comparisons, especially Zack Greinke's season to the Hawk's '87 season. Great work!