Nov 30, 2009

Hear this BBWA Voters, Look at the Man Behind the Numbers!

Last week was a special week, besides being Thanksgiving, the Hall of Fame ballots were released to Baseball Writers of America (BBWA) voters. Voting results will be announced on January 6th.

Of course this is Andre's eighth, and hopefully final, time on the ballot.

I believe Andre's career statistics are reason enough for him to be inducted into the hall, its hard to tell if enough of the voters this year feel that way too, but if not, then they should look at the man behind the numbers if they need that final push to vote for him.

Anyone who has followed The Hawk's career knows how much effort he put into each and every game he played and his passion for being a role model to kids.

Last Tuesday, Andre gained the support of 500 more people I imagine when he represented the Florida Marlins along with pitcher Anibal Sanchez in handing out almost 500 turkeys to families in need in the Miami area at the Orange Bowl.*

That's the great thing about Andre; his caring nature didn't stop when he stepped off of the playing field for the last time. He has continued to speak to children in youth baseball programs, raise money for charitable causes and be a valuable member of the Miami community.

If negative traits such as gambling and steroid use can keep a player out, then why can't positive ones be a deciding factor of letting a player in?

BBWA voters - if you're going to punish the bad, then reward the good!

I wonder if anyone asked Andre to autograph their turkey.



  1. I watched the Hawk play over 50 games at the big O and definitely know how important he was to our team. 8 gold gloves, 4 silver sluggers, top 10 slugging for 8 years, NL rookie of the year, NL MVP in 1987, 93rd all time in runs scored, 25th all time in total bases (4787), 48th all time in doubles (503), 34th all time in games played (2627), 24th all time in extra base hits (1039), 7th all time in power-speed number (365.8), 146th all time in SB (314) and 36th all time in Home Runs (438).

    I'm really at a loss as to why he isn't already in the HOF. Maybe if he had played his entire career in the NY/BOS area he would have had better results. Who knows? But I do hope this is his year!

  2. Another GREAT post Charley!


  3. I would totally have had the hawk sign my turkey... If it were an available answer on your poll... But I chose ball, like the majority.

    While the BBWA are at it, they should vote Ronny Santo in too...

  4. I'd take a Hawk signed turkey. During his playing days (and speaking as a Cardinals fan) there was no one I feared more than Andre Dawson. Yeah, Ryno and friends were threats, but nothing like the Hawk. PUT HIM IN, WRITERS!

  5. If you are looking for a good player with a good heart and a role model to the kids, that is Andre of Hawk. I don't know about the result of this voting if Andre was included in the Hall. However, whatever the result was, it doesn't even matter at all. What matters is who is the real winner on the peoples heart not just with the result of the ballots.


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