Dec 30, 2009

A Week Away Until Andre's Fate for the Hall is Unveiled

As you know next Wednesday, January 6th, we'll all find out if Andre is a Hall of Famer in 2010. From an early report I read, Andre has appeared on 87% of the 46 ballots turned in as of Monday, December 28th.*

Things are looking good for The Hawk and I'm confident we'll be pleased with the outcome a week from now. To celebrate the upcoming occasion I'll be posting every day starting tomorrow up until the voting results are announced. A few of these posts will be outside of my normal Andre Dawson posts, so I hope you enjoy and check back everyday for something different.

....Oh yeah....I'm going to announce a CONTEST WITH PRIZES on Friday morning!!!!!!

Good Luck Hawk!



  1. WOW! Very nice blog here. Love the graphics as well!

  2. Looking forward to checking out all the posts!


  3. Will be checking the post. hoping for all the luck for the HAWKS.

    Carmela Lee from Ballon eau chaude thermodynamique 

  4. Too bad? Why there's no more recent post for this year? Did you already stop blogging?

    Nicole from calorie pomme