Jul 2, 2009

Shedding Some Light on the Wrigley Myth....

Recently I've came across a few articles on different baseball sites stating that Andre's batting numbers were enhanced by playing in Wrigley Field and that's why he shouldn't be in the hall of fame.

Two thoughts:

1) I guess these authors are exhausted writing about players who used performance enhancing drugs that they've moved onto finding reasons to keep honest players out of the hall of fame.


2) That these authors clearly did not look at Andre's statistics. It is obvious that he not only put up majority of his numbers, but also some of his best outside of Wrigley Field.

I can prove this very simply with three quick facts....

Fact#1: He played the first 11 seasons of his career in Montreal versus 6 as a Cub.

Fact#2: His career high in runs (107 in 1982) and hits (189 in 1983)came as an Expo.

Fact#3: 253 of his career 314 stolen bases came as an Expo.

Other than his 1987 season as a Cub I would argue his best all-around seasons were as an Expo. Even though it pains me to say that as a die-hard Cubs fan, but the numbers don't lie.

1982 - 23 HR, 83 RBI, .301 AVG, 39 SB, 183 Hits, 107 Runs
1983 - 32 HR, 113 RBI, .299 AVG, 25 SB, 189 Hits, 104 Runs

Don't get me wrong though, the day Andre goes into the Hall, I hope it is in a Cubs jersey!


  1. Great post! I could not agree more! Can you imagine if Dawson would have been able to play his entire career on natural grass? The numbers he could have put up would actually rival the steroid freaks of todays game! I'd be willing to bet if he played for the Yankees he'd already be in the HOF with the exact same numbers. Many, many people missed out on Dawson's "prime" years because he played in Montreal. What a shame...


  2. Nice post. I often wonder if the Montreal frachise still existed if Andre's number would be retired with them. While my love for his play reached new heights when he joined the Cubs, I could see him wearing an Expos cap at Cooperstown!!

  3. Yes! Check out this link...


    It's a video of Dawson, Carter, Raines & Staub's #'s being retired and raised into the rafters at the Belle Centre.

    Here is a link to the program from that night...




    *I hope he wears a Cubs hat though!

  4. Dawson is already in the Hall of fame if I am not mistaken. Well, too bad~ its really time for him to retired and removed those uniforms.

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