Jan 6, 2010

Andre is Elected to HOF with 77.9%, Congrats Hawk!!!

Congratulations Andre on your long awaited and deserved call to the Hall!

For 21 seasons you gave baseball and its’ fans your heart and best effort when you stepped onto the field. Now that effort will be immortalized among baseball’s greatest for all-time.

I congratulate and thank the BBWAA voters for making the right decision; albeit one that should have been made sooner, but a decision that Andre, his fans and baseball deserve.

What makes it the right decision?

The right decision for Andre because he was truly one of the best during his time in baseball. He achieved greatness in his career by winning the NL Rookie of the Year in 1977 and NL MVP in 1987, winning 8 Gold Gloves, winning four Silver Slugger Awards, and being one of only three players to amass at least 400 home runs and 300 stolen bases.

The right decision for his fans because now everyone can recognize Andre the way we have for the last 8 years since he has appeared on the ballot, as a Hall of Famer!

The right decision for baseball because one day I’ll be able to show my child Andre’s display at Cooperstown and be able to tell him, “Andre played the game right, reciprocated the respect fans and peers showed him and played through the pain of his knees to become one of the game’s greatest.”

Now, isn’t that good for baseball, to have Andre in the Hall of Fame to serve as one of baseball’s great examples of how hard work and persistence pays off?

Congratulations once again Andre, you’ve earned the honor of being called a Hall of Famer!

If you would like to congratulate Andre on this achievement and his career, leave a comment below and I’ll send it to him.


  1. Congratulations Andre!

    Thank you so much for your hard work and playing through pain and adversity, and for all you did for the Chicago Cubs and us fans. I would have considered you a first time ballot winner... You certainly deserve it!

    Congrats congrats congrats!


    Congrats HAWK!


  3. YESSSSS!!! Finally my all-time favorite player is going into the Hall!!!

  4. Congrats to the Hawk! Very deserved indeed.

  5. Hurray for Andre!
    Two weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Baseball Hall of Fame, after not being able to contact the BBWAA. I am posting it below. I'd like to think in some small way I helped one of the greatest baseball players ever to play the game get into the HOF.

    To Andre I always marveled at your swing and loved watching the ball carry over the ivy covered wall. Enjoy your honor sir, you deserve it.
    Cliff Ricci
    Las Vegas Nevada

    To: Baseball Hall of Fame
    Subject: Andre Dawson

    Dear Sirs,

    While I know this is not exactly the correct forum, and not being able to contact the BBWAA. I feel the need to voice my opinion in the matter of Mr. Dawson not already being in the Hall.

    This man should be there. He meets the criteria of being a dominant player at his position for many years, his numbers are good, and he is a fine example of the right kind of player to be in baseball and The Hall of Fame.

    Thank you for the opportunity to contact you, and hope you can relay my message to the BBWAA

    and the Hall's reply


    Thank you very much for your note! Andre Dawson had a wonderful baseball career. You may be interested to know that of all the men who have ever received more than 60 percent of the vote in any one BBWAA election -- Andre Dawson received 67 percent of the vote last year -- all but one was eventually elected to the Hall of Fame.

    We will make this email available to the BBWAA voters along with other emails on this subject.

    Thank you for your interest in the Baseball Hall of Fame!


    Craig Muder
    Director of Communications
    National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

  6. Seriously, I am so happy that Andre Dawson is finally being recognized for being one of the greatest players of all time.

    I can't think of a better player for other people to want to emulate.

    Congrats, HAWK!

  7. I just want to say simply congratulations. You are no longer Andre Dawson but Hall of Famer Andre Dawson.

    I would also like to say congraulations to this site for helping get the word out there that he should be a hall of famer and just keeping it in the back of peoples minds.


  8. Congratulations to Andre Dawson!!!!

    And congrats to you too, Charley, for the great work.


  9. Congratulations Andre!

    What hat do you guys think he will wear?

  10. Congratulations to Andre Dawson.As a diehard Expos fan through the 70s and 80s I'm glad to see the toiling in obscurity in those years didn't keep you out of the Hall. Thanks for all the fond memories, I always looked up to you and this is well deserved (hope your buddy Rock makes it some day too!)

  11. Today is a wonderful day. It feels good to share it with a fan like you Charley!! Keep up the great work.

  12. Congrats Andre!!
    I am such a huge fan of yours! You deserve to be a Hall of Famer on your first try, but its better late than never!
    See ya in Cooperstown!!

    Ronnie Phillips

  13. Today I was on my way home from West Lafayette when I heard the news on ESPN radio. Is it wierd that I thought of this site right away? I am glad to see that the Hawk finally made it into the Hall. He deserves it for sure. Maybe I will see you at Cooperstown in July.

  14. Congrats to Andre and nice work on the site, Charley! It's gotta be a good feeling to see the Hawk voted into the Hall. I know I'm excited about it, and I can't wait to see his acceptance speech. It's a fine day to be a Cub fan.

  15. I am so happy that Andre Dawson is finally being recognized for being one of the greatest players of all time.

  16. Dawson should thank the reluctance to vote in the roids era hitters in. He just really should not of gotten in...

  17. Andre is just really deserving to get his place to HOF. Well, congratulations with Hawks~ this is one of their pride!

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