Jan 3, 2010

TWO DAYS LEFT....Hall of Fame Predictor Contest!!!!

To help celebrate what I hope will be Andre's election to the Hall and the New Year; I feel a contest is in order.

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment with who you believe will be elected Tuesday to the Hall of Fame.

2. Also indicate what you believe will be the voting percentage for each player(s) that is elected to the decimal point, for example, 75.2.

3. You have until the end of Monday night to enter.

4. The person who selects the correct player(s) with the closest voting percentages wins. The winner will get first choice of the prizes below. The person who comes in second will also get a prize and will choose between the remaining two prizes.

The prizes:

Prizes are cards from three current Hall of Fame greats.

Mickey Mantle - 20 cards from the 1997 Mickey Mantle 7 Collection.

Nolan Ryan - 5 cards from the 1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Baseball Heroes collection and his 1991 Upper Deck series card.

Cal Ripken Jr. - 5 cards from the 1996 Upper Deck Cal Ripken Jr. Collection and his 1996 Topps card celebrating the 2,131 game.

Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!


  1. Roberto Alomar 75.7%
    Barry Larkin 78.1
    That's it.... No Hawk in this year :(

  2. Hawk 80.3%
    Bert Bly 75.4%
    no first timers

  3. Charley,

    Thanks for the contest!

    Andre Dawson - 80.7%
    Roberto Alomar - 79.9%
    Bert Blyleven - 77.2%

  4. Andre Dawson 79.8%
    Roberto Alomar 76.2%

    Thanks for the contest, Charley.

  5. Andre Dawson - 80.2%
    Bert Blyleven - 76.8%

    And that's it! If Ryne Sandberg wasn't a first-ballot HOF, then Alomar, Larkin, McGriff and Martinez don't deserve to be either!

  6. The Hawk in with 78.6% of vote.

    No one else gets in.

  7. Andre with 78.3%

    And Bert with 74.3%

  8. I'm interested to know if who wins. I wanted to join this contest but unfortunately it's too late for me. Please let me know if you have another contest to conduct. Thanks!

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