Jan 27, 2010

It's Official, Andre is Entering the Hall as an Expo.

Okay, I could be a disappointed Cub fan today, but it's hard for me to sit here and feel that way. Andre's in the Hall and that's enough for me; wearing a Cubs jersey was just going to be icing on the cake.

Andre became one of the best players in the game during his time in Montreal and that shouldn't be overlooked. True he reached career highs and led the National League in home runs (49) and RBIs (137) in 1987 as a Cub. But as an Expo he reached a career high in hits and also led the NL with 189 in 1983 and had his only 100 run seasons (107 - 1982 and 104 - 1983).

I don't think it should be questioned whether his years as an Expo were more deserving to be honored than his time spent as a Cub. I think what should be questioned is why the Hall of Fame has the ultimate decision. Why isn't it the player's choice? Andre wanted to wear a Cubs' cap on induction day.

Andre was the one who endured through some awful seasons in which the Expos and Cubs were not competitive - not the Hall. Andre was the one who helped carry the team in the seasons they were play-off contenders. Andre was the one who would get up out of bed the day after a night game with achy knees and head back to the ball park to do it all over again. How he wants to be remembered should be his decision, so I repeat - not the Hall!

So as I sit here writing this post, I just want to remind Dawson fans, Cub fans, Expo fans, baseball fans...it doesn't matter what cap will be on Andre's plaque, what matters is that he's there among baseball's greatest.


  1. The Baseball Hall of Fame continues to disappoint. Why give shine to a franchise that didn't have enough support to still exist? Andre Dawson is my favorite all-time Cubs player.

  2. Well Aaron, I'll always remember him as a Cub first and foremost. I think that's how most fans will regardless of what the Hall thinks. On one hand I can understand the Hall wanting to preserve Expos' history, but this isn't about them or the Expos. It's about Andre. It should have been his choice.

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  4. A couple of things.

    The Cubs organisation hasn't even retired his number. They don't even recognize him as one of their own. Montreal retired his number and that banner hangs up in the rafters in the home of the Montreal Canadian with all the great Canadians players and their 26 Cups.

    AND 30 million Canadians will always see him as an Expo. Period.

    Dawson going into he hall as a cub is makes as much sense as him going in as a Red Sox. And sadly I think that had Dawson come to the conclusion that he could make more off his hall status as a Red Sox, he'd be demanding that he go in as a Red Sox.

    And if Greg Madduk goes into the hall as a Brave, it would be karma to all those Cubs fans who think that signing a free agent also buys his Hall colors-- as it has with the Hawk.

    But thankfully the Hall can't be bought.

  5. I understand where you're coming from Gawain. It's great to have pride in your country and the Expos are part of Canada's past.

    However, Andre's wish was to be inducted as a Cub. The Cubs had the largest impact on his career from his perspective. I believe the Hall should respect that.

    The Cubs have had a history of retiring player’s numbers once they have been inducted to the Hall except for Maddux. I sincerely hope that the Cubs will still honor him by retiring his number this season despite the Hall choosing his entry as an Expo.

    And comparing his career in Chicago to Boston is a joke.

  6. I think there's something to the Hall wanting to preserve Expos history because Gary Carter went thru the same thing. He went in as an Expo (and not a Met) because those were the Hall's wishes. I'm sure if Tim Raines gets in someday (which I think he should) he too will go in as an Expo. Also I don't think MLB has completely given up on baseball in Montreal, so I can see why preserving history is important and not to mention, having a few hometown HOFers would make great statues at a future expansion team's new stadium, kinda like the Walter Johnson (played with the Washington Senators) statue at the Nationals Park.

  7. A good read


    You can even see it in the coverage now, which typically has omitted that Dawson was second in MVP voting twice while with the Expos (1981 and ‘83 behind Dale Murphy of, wait for it, the Atlanta Braves). His only other top-10 finish also came in Montreal.

    Dawson being MVP runner-up in Montreal twice, in a sense, is more impressive than winning it once in Chicago. The Expos were an afterthought to U.S. media and fans. Allen Barra once wrote that Tim Raines being selected to seven all-star teams while playing for Montreal was like winning the Pulitzer Prize while writing for a newspaper in North Dakota.

    The short answer is Cooperstown got this right and if you want to go there, it is a little pathetic for Chicago media to put a waiver claim in on Dawson’s legacy.

    Canadian sports likers get to see the Expos get a day in the sun. (Colby Cosh had the best line on Twitter: “The Andre Dawson news is great. Haven’t been this happy since Ugueth Urbina announced he would enter prison as an Expo.”)

    I'm be there on July 25, with my Expo hat. I'll send you some pictures.


  8. I am ok with this. The Cubs would have been preferred because of my personal attachment to those teams, but just seeing Andre's picture on a HOF plaque is enough for me!!

  9. Blame the Wade Boggs fiasco as to why the Hall took the decision out of the players hands....

  10. Though not as passionate as Gawain about it (I'm not sure 30 million Canadians are that passionate about this), I do sort of back him up when it comes to achievements. That said, when a player has played a substantial amount of time on more than one team, there should be a multiple team induction (once again, a nation looks to Gary "Jimmy" Carter).

    Dawson is in about the last group of potential nominees where even the potential for a single team will be in question. I had hopes for Curtis Granderson, but alas...

    Steroids questions notwithstanding (I say let them in if the stats are there), what to do with McGwire and A-Rod? Hell, what to do if, Selig forbid, Pete Rose can ever get in?

    That said, none of this should be the player's decision.

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